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Why open source software is good for your business?

If you are reading this post, it is no doubt that you use open source software for your business. The web hosting is one of the initial beneficiaries of the open source movement. The benefits of using open source are obvious but what is often not obvious is why web hosts and solution providers should start their own open source projects. There are some  reasons that web hosting and companies could benefit from taking the lead on open source projects.


It is significant benefits to developers if they are empowered to lead open source projects as a part of their job. This position is great for developer resumes and it helps them to improve their skill. If your company takes the lead on prominent open source project, it will get attractive from the most talented developers.

Improving the ecosystem around your products

Improving the ecosystem around Magento helps everyone who uses Magento, but it also helped us build a better product for our clients.

Open source creates goodwill

Many web hosting provider count on the goodwill of developers, administrators and other technical folks. It is noticed if a company contributes tools and codes that are helpful to the people who build websites and ecommerce stores.

Most of us benefits from open source and the contribution of thousand companies and individuals developers. Giving back by contributing code, developer time and leading to open source projects help not only wider community but also our society.

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