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Which extensions will boost your end-year sales?

Just about the half of month, the New Year is coming, all people in the world is quickly preparing for the Christmas firstly. Especially, many shops are planning the promotion programs in the year-end to attract and motivate customers purchasing more goods and services. And you, have you prepared anything to appeal customers and compete with other rivals. Yes, to gain the highest effectiveness in this period, you can refer to our Magento Extensions that not only support your site but also increase the number of customers in your store. Therefore, in this post, i will introduce to you some useful Magento extensions that boost your end-year sales effectively:

  1. Magento Reward Point extension

Reward points extension is an ideal extension for your holiday marketing campaign. Because Reward Points extension will give points to your customers when they complete specific activities on your site, for example buy products, leave comments, reviews, share product link on social, refer friend to your store.

This is perfect solution for enhancing customers’ loyalty, improving user experience, and increasing sales rates and spreading your promotional program to customer’s friends.

  1. Magento Daily Deal Extension

This extension helps create Daily deal countdown just like Groupon, a good option for seasonal sales-off campaign.

  1. Magento Product Labels Extension

This is a simple but useful module for motivating sales, Product Labels module for Magento stores enable you to make visually-exciting label images and call-to-action texts that are showed on product images. Imagine the sales you will make when customers see labels and text like: “Save $30 on this item only on Christmas!”

Along with many functions of Magento Extensions, you completely can believe in our quality and service what we are offering. To see more details via the link

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