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What you should know about FAQ Management for Magento 2

It can be said that FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) is a necessary tool for any website. By using this tool, visitors can find out useful information about your service. They can even solve their own problems without contacting with you to get help. It is obvious that FAQ becomes a more and more essential tool for websites. E-commercial websites are not apart from that case. They need help from FAQ to support their customers in a better way. The number of e-commercial websites using FAQ is quickly increasing day by day. As a result of this development, the extension which supports to run FAQ is also introduced to respond to online store owners’ need. FAQ Management for Magento 2 is one of those extensions. In the following part, we want to show readers some details about the main features of this extension. Now, let’s see how this extension works to support for FAQ tool.

what you should know about FAQ Management for Magento 2

  1. Allow customers to show attitudes on FAQ items

It is a great idea that store owners give their customers a chance to show their feelings on your service. It not only helps customers to freely show their opinions but also makes store owners understand about what they need to improve more. To show opinions, customers can rate for each FAQ items based on whether they satisfy with the information or not. Besides, MageHit also allows them to give comment through their Facebook account.

  1. Support customers to easily find FAQ items

One of the most unpleasant problems when using FAQ is that the number of FAQ items is too large for customers to find what they need. To eliminate these difficulties, MageHit offers customers a search tool which helps them to find items through keywords, tags and content. Furthermore, they can easily see the top of FAQ items on the sidebar of catalog listing page. Now, comparing with redirecting to FAQ page, the sidebar seems to be much more convenient. The most special point is that MageHit also introduces the function of paginating pages. With pages which are paginated, store owners can easily divide thousands of items into different page to help customers search effectively.

  1. SEO friendly

Last but not least, the function of SEO friendly can be applied for main landing page and individual FAQ pages by store owners.

In conclusion, FAQ Management for Magento 2 is one of the most outstanding extensions by MageHit which is suitable for any online stores. Because of its amazing features, it is highly recommended that store owners should equip their system with MageHit’s extension right now!

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