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What needs to avoid in order to increase your Magento SEO?

Increasing the page ranking within a search engine is a strategy of improving your sales. However, sometimes you may do wrong things that make all your efforts before disapproved of. Below are some things you should not do in your Magento site if you want to get high page ranking within search engines.

  1. Using hidden text

Hidden text can be searched on search engine but visitors cannot see it on your website. Moreover, you may be banned from search engine because of using hidden text.

  1. Overusing keywords

Key word can help your site be more optimized but sometimes it is so harmful if you use too much. You have to avoid stuffing a list of key words for your site.

  1. Add article spinning

When updating your content, you should decrease spinning the article as much as possible. Article spinning may be considered as copied work and can decrease your SEO ranking.

  1. Use unrelated keywords

The keyword is that leads your customers to your stores but if the keyword is not related to the content in your site, you must avoid to do this. That can destroy your rank.

  1. Link bait and switch

Link bait and switch can get traffic to your site but after redirect to the page not related to what customers need, that is so unethical manner.

Increase SEO for your Magento website is really important but you need the suitable strategies to help your site develop sustainably.

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