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Top 7 Magento tutorial resources to start out your Magento learning journey

First launched in 2007, Magento has proven its position as one of the most preferred platforms for e-commerce in the world. There are many famous global giant organizations which choose Magento for shaping their sites such as Coca-Cola, Canon, Samsung, etc. Why Magento becomes so popular? Rich features, diversity, and flexibility are what famous brands say about Magento. If you are having a hard time wondering which platform will be best to register your store’s domains on, then Magento will be one of the great choices.

Once you have decided to have your site powered by Magento, the very first step is learning about it. If you are thinking that it must be a difficult and complicated task, then you can breathe a relief because right now, we are going to suggest some great tutorial resources for beginners to get started. Let’s find out! 

  1. Magento Tech Resources
    The first source is tutorials from Magento official website itself. Just go to this link and you can find a series of guides including Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The documentation, according to Magento, is “the most up-to-date” released version. Developers, especially those beginning to learn about Magento can easily find out the answers for their basic questions like “why, where and how” at the site.
  1. Mag-Manager Video Tutorials
    If you prefer to learn something through video tutorials, then is for you. A lot of “how-to” clips are posted on this site to provide detailed guides for merchants in various problems. Each video just lasts about 5 minutes or less and is incredibly easy to follow. At, tutorials are regularly updated to catch up with the latest developments of Magento.
  1. Level Up Tutorials
    Level Up Tutorials has more than 800 basic video tutorials baked in for different languages and platforms. If you are a newbie developer, perhaps you will enjoy this site as it offers a series of Magento Community Tutorials, which are totally free and provide simple guides for starters.
  1. MagManager Presentations
    Besides video tutorials, MagManager also has another great source which is slide tutorials. For those who feel annoyed when they have to pause each step to follow the tutorial, slide tutorial can be a good idea as each slide only presents a step. Just finish each step and advance to the next slides until you get your work done.
  1. MageHit Tutorials
    MageHit is a Magento extension provider but on this site, merchants can also find a lot of useful knowledge about Magento right at its blog. More interestingly, this blog has a section called Magento 1.x Tutorial/Magento 2.x Tutorial which consists of up to more than 130 posts providing incredibly simple guides on the most up-to-minute problems. One more great thing is the search engine on the bottom left corner. It offers a quick way to find tutorials that you want to see.
  1. FastComet Tutorials
    Though FastComest doesn’t provide as many tutorials as those sources above, it really did a good job in making its guides super easy to follow. The tutorials are made under article form and they are organized into categories and sub-categories. Each guide is clearly clarified with the enclosed images so you can follow it seamlessly from the scratch to the end.
  1. Alan Storm’s Magento Articles
    The final resource on the list is Alan Storm’s Magento Articles. On Alan’s blog, you can find a section of Magento (and another of Magento 2) which contains plenty of articles covering different Magento problems. As the topics are not organized or categorized, you may feel a bit confused when searching for the tutorials you want to see. However, the content of each article is very useful, original and even unique which means you can’t find it anywhere else since all of those tutorials are written based on Alan’s own experience and knowledge.


Above is the list of 7 best resources which provide the most easy-to-follow tutorials for newbie Magento learners. Depending on your preference, you can choose to learn from articles, videos, or slides.

Don’t forget to take a quick view of those sites so you can decide the best place to embarking on your Magento learning journey. Good luck!

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