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Top 10 Magento 2 E-commerce site’s design trends for 2019

There is a fact that the first and foremost attractive features contributing to attract buyers most is the visual aid of a website. Below here are 10 trends designed by Magento 2 e-commerce site for 2019, which will contribute to the smooth-running process of your website smoothly and mark your own style in customers’ mind.


The first design called Voice User Interface. Due to the significant development of technology for the past few years, this method has been considered to be widely used in the e-commerce field, instead of lacking utilization for e-commerce website in the past. Customers who take advantages from this service could reduce the consuming time for shopping online.


The second one is Slider with Calls-To-Action. With this design, customers will be oriented the process for purchasing their requiring goods by clicking in a “Buy now” button or “Shop now” button. This way is frequently used in the advertisement for a financial advance.


The third design is Information blocks. Buyers could find the information of a product by clicking its block. This design will save space for the website as well as make it more fashionable and logically.


Semi-flat design is the fourth one. It creates a two-dimensional illustration, which improves the style for the website and simplifies the process for users. If in 2017 and 2018, people tended to choose a flat design, then in 2019, semi-flat will probably become a trend as it could fix the disadvantages of flat design and reduce the time for loading a website.


In 2019, talking about a trend in design, we can not miss the Mix font types. This method takes advantages from big word font and has a suitable combination of ideas, it could be imprinted on the audiences’ minds about your brand.


The sixth trend is Animation and Cinemagraphs Design. To gain participation and concern from the audience, GIFs, Animations and cinema graphs play an important role in this case. Designers can utilize those methods to apply on their websites and combine them suitably to reach the highest level of concern from consumers.


The smaller number of words, the larger amount of illustrations. This method is called Minimalism which orients customers to what they want to buy with a simple look. The products pictures presenting for the audience should be as real as possible, avoiding beautiful words to appraise those goods.


The next trend is Conversation Interface. The term “Chatbox” is used to illustrate this method, which became a trend in 2017 and had no signal to decrease in 2018. Existing in consumer apps, Chatbox could bring the sense of improved participation for customers.


The ninth rank belongs to An impressive large graphic and widescreen image. Providing customers with impressive products pictures and attacking them with links could raise consumers’ intense curiosity about the products’ information. With only one click, people could easily access that data and help your website become a clickbait.


Last but not least, Long scroll pages have no longer been strange for the audiences. There is a trend among consumers that they want to have an overview of the products on one page, rather than read them page by page. As a result, along with the minimal weight and size of technological devices, people are willing to have long pages, instead of traditional ones.

The more increasing number of online consumers, the better engagement that businesses want to bring for their customers via an e-commerce website. Although it’s hard to know which trend will be changed in the near future, designers who want to reach the goal and become a pioneer should evaluate and take advantages from those mentioned methods.

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