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The announcement of Magento 2

After many days of the expectation, on 18th November 2015, Magento 2 is officially announced and public in the Magento developer community. It is said that the appearance of Magento 2 is a new era of Commerce Innovation that supports developers and merchants easily and conveniently.

Continuing the success of Magento 1, Magento 2 has many new highlight features that are very useful for customers. So, what is new in Magento 2? More advanced and innovative are all what we want to describe in Magento 2. Many things are rebuilt to enhance productivity, improve user experience and make the Magento 2 version much more stable in comparison to the previous one. Especially, Magento 2.0 builds on our open source heritage and offers unmatched flexibility and innovation opportunities to our global ecosystem of developers. This empowers you to quickly and cost-effectively deliver powerful new extensions that enhance the shopping experience and enable merchants to tailor their sites to their precise business needs.

Therefore, that is why we has offered a series of new Magento 2 extensions which help you launch effective promotion campaigns, improve customer shopping experience and innovate your store management process.

With the new Magento 2 extensions, it cannot ignore when designing an attractive site. When choosing our Magento 2 extensions, you will see the effectiveness it brings for your online store such as increase engagement, conversion rates and sales.

Therefore, to update Magento 2 Extensions, now,you can see more details at

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