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System requirements of Magento 2

Magento 2 is the latest version from Magento. It contains huge outstanding features that you have to determine in a long time. But you need to have deep understandings about it to get benefit from. In this post, we will find out its requirements.



You may know that Magento 2 provides Nginx by default but this supporting doesn’t mean that it is contained and optimized for better performance. In some cases, you can use Apache 2.2 or2.4 instead of Nginx as default solution.


PHP 7 is a significant feature from Magento 2 and makes the platform run faster. Comparing with PHP 5, we can easily see the preeminence; as a result, the changing requirement is postulate. So, the next system requirement for Magento 2 is PHP7 instead of later version. Now, the requirement is PHP 5.6.x or PHP 5.5.x.


Magento 2 always requires the latest stable composer’s version because it is   a dependency manager for PHP.


Varnish can help Magento 1.x run more effective or faster than Magento 2, which means that with the aid from varnish for Magento 2, there are a fantastic pace will built and unexpected benefits you can get. If you have a little knowledge about this software solution, it is an HTTP accelerator for heavily consumed APIs and dynamic websites used by 10% of the TOP 10K online giants. You can see examples about wonderful performance like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Redis is the high-qualified and valuable cache which supports top notch performance thank to the usage of an in-memory dataset, non- blocking synchronization and auto-reconnection with resynchronization partial on net split. You can configure Redis within platform easily because Magento 2 supports this solution out-of-the-box.


MySQL is a center component of the LAMP stack and the most popular open source data for web applications. Google, Facebook. YouTube, Twitter, etc are prominent users. Magento 2 also requires MySQL 5.6 or later version of the data.

XDegug and PHPUnit

It is necessary to have native PHPUnit and xDEbug features on your dev server when Magento 2 requires testing or debugging.

PHP extensions


It is a driver used for the implementation of the PHP data object interface with the ability to access to mySQL 3.x, 4.x, 5.x data. You can also take advantage of native prepared support with PDO/MySQL.

  • Mbstring

With mbsrting, multibyte ebcodings in PHP and handles character encoding conversion between possible coding pairs will be deal with.

  • Mcrypt

It is the mcrypt library interface with various block algorithms supported.

  • Mhash

It is mhash library interface with a wide variety of hash algorithms supported. You can create message digests, checksums and so on due to mhash.

  • SimpleXML

It provides instruments for changing XML to an object optimized for processing with array integrators and selectors.

  • Curl

It allows you contact with various servers through different protocol types.

  • Xsl

It performs the XSL standard through XSLT transformations and the libxslt library.

  • Gd, Imagemagick

They are PHP extensions and create and modify images.

  • Soap

It is a method to write SOAP servers and clients

  • Intl

It is a cover for ICU library which let UCA-conformant collation and date, time, number, currency formatting.

  • OpenSSL

Open SSL functions help verify signatures, encrypt data and decrypt data.

They are all Magento 2 system requirements and they are all you need to get succeed with Magento 2. Hope that you will reward more and more benefits based on refer to this post.

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