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SQL Injection vulnerability on Magento 2

Recently, Magento users were wandered about a new security error- SQL Injection on some extensions on Magento 2. There are some Magento extensions which users detected SQL Injection:

  • EM (Extreme Magento) Ajaxcart
  • EM (Extreme Magento) Quickshop
  • MD Quick View
  • Smart Wave Quick View

In which, in Smart Wave Quick View extension, SQL Injection was detected in Porto theme; Trego and Kallyas in Smart Wave. Besides, the other themes of Smart Wave also have risk of this error. And in other Magento extension, SQL Injection exists in EM themes.

Now, there are some vendors updating the patch so you can download the attest version for your Magento website. But if you find it hard to update, you can ask the provider for the help.

Another way to check your Magento website is accessing to and see how secure of your website.

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