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Some tips to speed up Magento performance

Magento is a professional open source that supports user great flexibility and fully control. Although, it is a very good ecommerce platform but many people hesitate that Magento keep running slow. In fact, they don’t know that Magento can run fast as they want. If they do in the right way, slow speed will be no longer problem. In this post, I will share with you how to speed up Magento site effectively and easily. Hopefully, these tips will improve Magento performance significantly:

1, Clean database log

Many Magento store keep unnecessary data but it is not a wise choice because keeping that huge database makes your Magento store run slowly and less effectively. That’s why we need Clean database log.

2, Caching configuration

Magento comes with default caching engine that is called File System. Besides, it is suggested to configure another caching engine-Varnish cache. With Varnish cache you can speed up Magento about 200 times but you should just use it in essential case because this engine take an advantage development and maintain.

3, Magento server configuration optimization

In order to speed up Magento via serve optimization you must have a good hosting. If not, it doesn’t make sense because you store may crash or doesn’t work. A good hosting is what supports everything together with Magento expert to help you solve problem come from Magento.

4, Minimize the third party extension & Keep you site clean

Although, Magento extension is helpful for your site but it is wise choice to keep number of the third party extension at minimum level. Too many extensions will require more process and database thus it will bring a negative impact on the whole performance.

5, Choose Best Web Hosting

Good web host can play an important role in improving your site speed remarkably. It is wise choice to choose the most suitable host with your site demand web space, monthly traffic, data transfer, backup, database type support, CDN, etc.

Through these tips, your site can refer to improve Magento performance effectively.

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