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Some of the awesome features of Magento

According to the statistics, Magento is the leader platform of E-commerce with 24.8 % of sites being attributed to the platform. About 3.8% of the sites appear to be using Magento Enterprise Edition that means that the number of corporate companies moving to the platform is increasing day by day.

Why does Magento gain the highest figure? The answer is because of some awesome features of Magento as following:

  • Magento is very powerful when it comes to presenting your products. You can easily create your products catalog and manage it. You can add more than one image for the same product, review the product and allow creating of wish lists. It allows catalog and product browsing, product filtering and product comparison. You can easily add new products, do batch product update, manage your inventory, easily manage orders and shipments, and integrate different payment methods.
  • Since Magento is an open source platform, there are many free and paid Magento extensions available to enhance your store’s performance. You can learn to create, configure, upgrade a Magento extension at Magento extension tutorial
  • Magento has some great options when it comes to customer service. With Magento you grant your customers the option to create user accounts, track their shopping history, contact you through custom forms, you can also choose different languages and currencies, to fit the needs of your customers.
  • You can easily integrate Magento into your Google Analytics account and use all its options to analyze the customer behavior on your website and optimize it for better results. You can also use the advanced SEO options of Magento to optimize your website search engine positioning, so it can be found easier by your customers.
  • Magento also allows you to use many marketing promotion tools – organize price promotions, use coupon codes. There are many websites out there offering beautiful Magento themes for free or paid, so you can create your unique looking online store with ease.
  • And if this is not enough, there are over 1.700 extensions for additional functionalities you can install via the Magento-Connect interface.

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