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Some factors affecting to buyers’ purchasing decision

Consumers’ buying decision is one of the most important things every storeowner should take concerns and make a lot of plans or strategies to encourage them. It is not easy because consumers are influenced by so many different factors, not only product quality but also service quality or even their emotions when shopping and especially checking out process.

In this post, we will suggest you some factors affecting to buyers’ purchasing decision that you need to notice:

  1. Motivations

For almost customers, when they want to buy something, they always want to look for a store that provides them products with the reasonable prices and offers them as good motivation as possible. Because people often focus on their benefits first, the motivation will encourage them to come for buying. As a store owner, you ought to make them satisfied by rewarding attractive motivations as well as launching stunning programs to take their attention.

  1. The checkout process is too complicated

Complexity of checkout process may be the most direct one and causes negative feelings. For instance, a buyer completing his shopping cart and goes to checkout page. However, your checkout page contains of so many steps and forces him to fill much information, so how does he feel in this case? Whether he tries to complete all of these steps or he will feel frustrated and decides to leave his cart. Therefore, to improve this situation, you should do is reducing the checkout page into one page only to make customer easier to finish and create buying good experiences to get them back for the next times. You can try our One Step Checkout extension to increase the effectiveness on your store

  1. The payment method

Multiple payment methods allow customers to be flexible in paying and also help owners get more conversion from buyers. If you just serve only one or two payment methods, you can lose customers easily because even when they really want to have your products but there are no ways to pay money, they also have to give up and find other suppliers to have goods they need.

The following payment method you should have on your store such as Master card, Visa, PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, Google Wallet

Through this information, you can know negative factors influencing to buyers that you can avoid. Therefore, if you want to gain the high effectiveness and make your customers satisfied, we recommend to you using our Magento extensions to make your site better

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