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Social Login for Magento 2 by MageHit


Social network has influenced enormously on people’s life. It’s considered not only a tool to keep in touch between friends, update news or entertain, but also a tool to work, earn money and make things easier. That the number of social network becomes increasingly large offers people an unlimited chance to get benefits from them in their life. One of the most obvious examples for social network’s benefit is e-commercial stores. It was applied to improve the speed of register process and build up the more frequent contact between customers and online stores. The development of social network in e-commerce has brought about the growth of new tools which support to gain more benefits from it. Social Login by MageHit is one of the most popular tools that we want to mention here. This extension was created for Magento 2 to speed up the login process by using social network accounts. If you want to get more information about this amazing extension, please read the following part.

I. What are the main features of Magento 2 Social Login by MageHit ?

  1. Offers 5 types of social networks available

MageHit  included Facebook, G+, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter into Social Login for Magento 2. Customers can use one of those accounts to login quickly. It should be noticed that after the first login, they will never need to login again because the system will automatically identify them.

  1. Allow to choose the displaying position flexibly

Store owners have right to choose the most suitable place to put the login button.

  1. Offer a tool with responsive design

This extension can work properly on any devices ( smartphone, laptop, desktop, etc)

  1. Update password easily

After the login process, customers can come back to store to change password whenever they want because an email included default password already sent to customers’.

II. Some interesting information about Magento 2 Social Login by MageHit

  1. Use information in customers’ accounts to complete the personal information in store.
  2. Choose which type of social network should be displayed
  3. Set up the URL used to redirect after login process
  4. Never require monthly fees
  5. No use third party services
  6. Etc

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