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Payment methods in Magento store

In the ecommerce business, one of the most important issues is payment method. On Magento store, it developed full of payment method that customers can easily use. However, there are a lot of people do not still know about it. Therefore, today, i will show you how payment methods work on Magento store:

When it comes to going through an order in Magento, payment methods are the last stage of the process. Once customer details have been filled in and the shipping method has been chosen, the payment method comes into play. Its role is to finalize the order and handle how the customer is going to pay for the order that he placed.

Magento will take all the order details, including what items are in the order, where it is being shipped, and all the pricing totals, after which it will proceed to the payment stage. Magento will load payment methods, one by one and present them to the customer.

Once the customer has selected a payment method, then Magento will progress towards processing through the method’s function for sending the data for processing. This could be anything from sending the request via an API, processing credit card details, or authorizing them.

Remarkably, the payment methods are used on Magento store as credit card, cash on delivery, bank transfer payment, check / money order. Therefore, when customers pay, they should pay attention to the above payment methods.

That is end of tutorial about payment method and i hope that it is useful for you.

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