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Outstanding Features of Magneto 2.3 that everyone should pay attention

Magento 2.3 has been released to full fill demands for users. The updated version of Magento 2 will be considered as an outstanding version by offering people with upgraded functions, performance, and security.


Firstly, in terms of performance, this version includes GraphQL, Message Queue, Declarative Database Schema, Asynchronous APIs and so on, which will not only increase the quality from the PHP 7.2, Magento store and so on but also decrease the complicated process for users.

Secondly, Magento 2.3 offer people with Two Factor Authentication feature. With this function, it will prevent strangers from trying to log in one’s panel.

Thirdly, Magento 2.3 also contains Multi-Source Inventory (MSI), PWA studio, Page Builder Elastic Search, which supplies users with flexible, simplified functions.

Conclusively, it cannot be denied that Magento 2.3 is a superior version for all users. Therefore, there is no need to refuse applying the version which will contribute to your attempt of having attention from your clients. One notice before applying this version, Magento extension or 3rd-party solutions should be checked to ensure the ability to adapt to this new version.

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