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New commerce trend in 2015

Nowadays, thanks to the development of technology, it is easy and quick for people to go shop as well as communicate to each other. Especially, the online business is growing quickly and becoming an important part for busy people. Technology always changing, the traditional ecommerce – purchases made on desktop and laptop computers – is not enough for your business and that you should move on to mobile commerce. According to statistical results, the average American spends roughly 34 hours/month on their smartphone. Furthermore, even among traditional shoppers, roughly 80% of smartphone-owner admitted to having tried online shopping at least once. The online shopping creates a great profits as well as saves time.

In 2015, there will have more than online shopping on your phone. In mobile commerce, the retailers can give consumer what they want, when and where they want it.
Therefore, there is 4 new commerce trends are emphasized in this year:

  1. Optimized mobile web

Every designed to account for different screen sizes and load times. Mobile optimization takes a look at site design, site structure, page speed, and more to make sure your consumers can go to store webs in easiest way.

  1. Mobile payment credit card

Near Field Communication (NFC) and other fast-evolving technologies will facilitate the move to payment using mobile technologies in 2015.

NFC chips inside most new smartphones transmit customer payment and banking data when scanned on a reader. Unlike a credit card, smartphones can include interactive payment processing and other financial services.

  1. Easier mobile app conversions

Many of today’s small businesses are eager to build their own branded mobile apps. While these apps aim to drive customer engagement and sales, the costs often outweigh the benefits in terms of conversion rates.

In-app conversions were so low because apps didn’t support links and couldn’t bring users directly to a company’s webpage. This is why business should change mobile app becomes more conducive to mobile sales.

  1. Greater focus on the core product

The most success in businesses that they focused on their core business. They recognize and participate in some of the mobile trends that are changing their businesses, like online ordering, social media marketing and review sites.

This is the reasons why your business and ecommerce venture should be mobile-friendly. Therefore, the products that we develop base in Magento platform must be in accord with 2015 mobile commerce trends. Magento extensions will is a perfect choice for all ecommerce business. If you want to improve your store’s performance, you can see more details at

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