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Merchants now can connect Magento to HubSpot seamlessly

HubSpot Magento 2 Extension which was much awaited by online sellers has been launched recently at Magento marketplace. This is a SaaS model-based extension which allows store owners to connect Magento to HubSpot and deliver all important data from their store to HubSpot, thus they can understand their business and audience better.

Built on the model of HubSpot’s e-commerce bridge API, this extension is now available for worldwide online sellers on Magento marketplace.

Once installing this extension, you can enjoy its wonderful features:

Outstanding features

  • Product Sync–enables store owners to send product details from their store to HubSpot.
  • Customer Sync–allows sync of customer details such as email, first & last Name, company between the store and HubSpot
  • Deal Sync–allow sync of order information such as deal stage and name, closed won & lost reason, close date, amount, etc. between Magento and HubSpot.
  • Line Item Sync –provides details about product performance. Merchants can sync the product ID, deal ID, discount, quantity, etc. between Magento and HubSpot.

Other features

  • Marketing Automation-self-operates e-mail marketing.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery-recovers abandoned shopping cart by sending reminder emails to customers
  • RFM Segmentation-able to categorize the customers on the basis of Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value (RFM).
  • Workflow-enables sellers to create a workflow as to when and how often emails are to be sent to the customers.
  • Smart List-categorizes the customers and creates a list of customers based on their activities.
  • ROI Tracking-allows users to check the revenue of the campaigns and conversion rate

Want to find more details about HubSpot Magento 2 Integration Extension? Complete information is provided here:

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