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Meet Magento Asia 2018: Thailand Magento ecosystem is flourishing

Meet Magento is the premier global conference for global e-commerce professionals which has previously been held in over 24 countries. This year, the event will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on November 8th, 2018, marking the event’s first opening in Asia.


The upcoming conference about Magento is hoped to attract attention from merchants, e-commerce technologists, marketing and technology agencies, and other people which are part of the e-commerce ecosystem in Asia and around the globe. This is a big opportunity for them to exchange insights and values across industries.

It is not a surprise that Thailand is chosen to be the first country in the region to hold Meet Magento. According to the recent research by Statista, this country has contributed largely to the growth of e-commerce in Asia, with total revenue amounting to US$3,648m in 2018. At an expected yearly rate of growth of 13.3, the market volume is estimated to reach 6 billion US dollar by 2020. On one side, this serves as a huge advantage for Thai business as it will achieve more regionwide and worldwide recognition. However, on the other side, it poses a threat to other international online merchants and marketplaces as they will have one more strong rival to compete.

A variety of topics will be covered on the event including Omnichannel strategy, B2B online commerce, optimization tactic, payment and so on. These days, online shopping is gaining huge popularity and it seems to become an essential part of our daily lives. That’s why this year’s event will mainly concentrate on how to enhance customer experience on their online shopping journey. What technologies, marketing methods or best practices, etc. will be helpful in increasing sales over time and building customer lifetime value? Such all kinds of questions will be discussed at the event.

Attendees of the conference can receive a lot of benefits, for example, have the opportunity to introduce their business to international clients and learn from e-commerce professionals across industries to promote their own online stores. With the presence of many well-known speakers from Ogilvy, Asus and Kanmo Group along with top experts from Magento and Adobe, Meet Magento Asia promises to cover cutting-edge talks, industry leader presentations and networking. Moreover, Magento technology partners like Emarsys, Insync and Rackspace are invited into the meeting to build higher value for attendees and customers.

Obviously, this is a not-to-miss opportunity for those retailers who want to hear the best and the latest of the field, approach hundreds of prospective customers, share experience with other retailers and get help from experts and solution vendors in the online-selling industry.

You can find more details about Meet Magento Asia 2108 at the link below:

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