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Magento vs Opencart

Choosing an e-commerce platform is absolutely not easy because each one has its own pros and cons. Among the top of the good platform for e-commerce business now, it always bothers entrepreneurs when choosing a suitable one for their online store. In this post, we just focus on comparing Opencart and Magento, which are the popular platforms now.

The similarities

  • They are both open source and allow businessmen to create online store
  • Both of them use templates for addition of products and are PHP based
  • They also provide lots of plugins, extension and payment methods

The differences

Market share

  • Magento counts for the largest the World’s share in e-commerce with around 30%
  • Opencart is quite smaller

The size

  • Magento supports lots of resources so it is suitable for large business. But you need a strong web hosting server for your site.
  • Opencart is smaller so it can be a choice for medium or small business.

Usage features


  • Magento has very great SEO support.
  • Opencart also supports good SEO but it is quite complicated at times


Magento supports a huge source of extensions while Opencart has fewer.

To sum up, it’s hard to decide which platform is better as based on the demands and aims of your business, you should choose a suitable one. But with some facts above, we think that Magento is a good choice for entrepreneurs who want to run a large business and Opencart is the right one for startup entrepreneurs who have a little experience in online business.

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