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Magento versions

In the ecommerce world, Magento is an open source that is too famous for website developers. Moreover, Magento ecommerce platform has contributed a great part in build a strong site and attract more customers to your store. However, some people still do not understand all Magento versions like how many Magento versions and what it is.

In this post, we will answer all information related to Magento versions. Let’s explore:

Magento first began development in 2007 and was released as Beta in August of that year. And  how the development process is, we will mention in the next post.

Talking to Magento versions, as you know, it includes 3: Magento Go, Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise:

  • Magento Go

This is a hosted solution by Magento. This is great for those who are just starting out. This does come at a cost, you miss out on the huge array of extensions available from Magento Connect.

  • Magento Community Edition

Also known as Magento CE, this is the self hosted version and comes with maximum control. Open Source & Free to download & use.

  • Magento Enterprise

Costing in excess of £10,000, Magento Enterprise is meant for the huge eCommerce businesses out there like Nike & Olympus. The Enterprise edition comes with direct support from the Magento team.

Hopefully, the information above is useful for you. If you care more, you can see more at or at the our Magento extension link

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