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Magento Tutorial

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, Magento is a leading name which people can list out easily. It has been considered one of the best platforms which has been widely used and trusted for years. Needless to say, Magento has successfully built up its own empire in the e-commerce world. In order to help readers understand more about Magento, we are going to offer you some special information about this platform.

magento 1 tutorial

  1. Magento was officially launched in March 2008.
  2. Magento has attracted around 5 million of downloads in the period of 2008-2014.
  3. In regard to market share, Magento’s ratio is around 26% of total market use.
  4. Magento offers Marketing and Promotional tools which can support clients efficiently.
  5. Magento can work well on Mobile Commerce.
  6. Magento has ability to support for up to 500,000 products and 80,000 orders per hours on a website.
  7. Clients can easily make use of the third party apps with Magento.

magento 1 tutoriala

It can be seen that Magento has a lot of wonderful features which can support clients easily.  This is one of the reasons why clients seem to highly appreciate Magento. Besides those useful features, Magento has another more noticeable point which can satisfy all the clients. In order to support clients well, Magento created a page called Magento Tutorial. This is a very useful page which can help clients solve every problem easily. With a lot of useful articles, Magento Tutorial will help clients to work with Magento without any difficulties. For those who want to make the best use of Magento, they had better visit this page.


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