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Magento tips & tricks

  • Moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2: causes and solutions of traffic loss

    In order to migrate to Magento 2 safely without affecting the sale traffic, you should work with a Magento development team who have technical expertise and prolonged experiences. If you haven’t found a right team yet, then Perception System is highly recommended for you. Perception System is a full-scale integrated information technology and software services […]

  • Develop an online fashion store to its full potential with Magento 2

    In any E-commerce site, the most important target is generating sales, thus making the profit. In case your online store performance is not good enough to lure a large number of visitors, the best solution is you need to be proactive. This means you have to set out a strategy basing on your store’s current […]

  • What needs to avoid in order to increase your Magento SEO?

    What needs to avoid in order to increase your Magento SEO?

    Increasing the page ranking within a search engine is a strategy of improving your sales. However, sometimes you may do wrong things that make all your efforts before disapproved of. Below are some things you should not do in your Magento site if you want to get high page ranking within search engines.

  • How to be a successful project manager?

    How to be a successful project manager?

    The project manager is the most significant key task to bring a project to completion, on time and within budget as close as possible. To be a successful project manager, you must be able to manage time of all the resources involved in your projects. Here are the tips that we these are useful to […]

  • How to Avoid Mistakes in Migrating Magento platform?

    How to Avoid Mistakes in Migrating Magento platform?

    Migrating to a new platform is desire of all businessmen in order to have updated websites. However, when migrating to a new Magento platform, there may appear some mistakes which make store owners meet some difficulties. To help you ensure that your platform migrated smoothly, we show you the ways to avoid top 3 mistakes […]

  • How to gain customers’ attraction on Magento store?

    If you have an online store, what should you do to get a number of customers? If you still don’t know how to capture the attention of the customer, this post will help you find out some tips for business. An eye-catching store. The first thing you have to care about is the attraction of […]

  • Marketing tips for Magento stores

    Marketing tips for Magento stores

    It is obvious that marketing is one of the main parts when doing any business. Marketing also impacts on your figure sales also the position of the store in wide market. Wanting to boost the sold products, below are some helpful tips that can help your campaign marketing in Magento stores more successfully. Get to […]

  • How to generate quality leads for your Magento stores?

    Generating quality leads and boosting sales are the final goal of all online business. To reach these goals, you have to make sure that you provide the rich and soothing user experience to the potential customers. Besides, you should give customers relevant reasons to stay longer on your website and then make a purchase. In […]

  • How to redesign your website  without risk?

    How to redesign your website without risk?

    Website is the important part in your online business with a number of great functions. For many merchants, it is the first point of contact and first impression, thus, they try to make it become better. Merchants do everything to make their site look eye-catching and gorgeous. Periodically, the merchants redesign their site because of […]

  • Some useful tips to make customers feel special in Magento store

    Some useful tips to make customers feel special in Magento store

    Customers play a crucial role in business in general and online business in particular. There is no business exist ion without customers. Thus, they deserve to get some special treatment from the online shop which they come regular. Moreover, treating them as VIPs is a way to keep them for coming back to purchase more […]

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