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Magento Store Locator Extension by MageHit

Your store system is located in many different locations. Normally, customers want to go to the store to see directly your product, but they do not know which store has the nearest location to them. Or, customers are looking for product A, but at this store, product A is out of stock, so you want to show customers to another address where it still remains product A. Therefore, Magento Store Locator extension by MageHit is the best solution for your problem. In this extension, Google Map integration technology can show you the shortest path and the most accurate

Some awesome features of Magento Store Locator Extension:

  • Search store by products and by location

The Store Locator extension provides customers two choices to search store they want through existing products on your store and the location

  • The interaction diversity with Google maps

Client can get directions to the store by car, bicycle or public transportation; client also can see street view and try to control the direction

  • Contact with store through popup Ajax form

After finding store, customers can contact to store through an Ajax contact form

  • Clients can use function “Find My Location”

A client can find the nearest office with the Store Search function. “Find My Location” option can automatically identify the visitor’s location and further suggest the stores that are located within certain radius

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