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Magento Store Credit Extension by MageHit

Retain the loyal customers is a difficult task that most of manager think and find a good strategy to attract them. However, keep customers shopping frequently in your store is no longer difficult with our Magento Extensions. One of the most highlight new extensions motivating customers purchasing more is Magento Store Credit Extension by MageHit. This extension allows you to interact with your customers through adding, managing and purchasing credit on your store. Especially, with using Magento Store Credit Extension, credit is a time-saving payment method for your customers to recharge their credit accounts one time and use for many later purchases. Therefore, this extension is very good value for money. Magento Store Credit Extension by MageHit is exactly what you need.

The highlight features of Magento Store Credit Extension

  • To encourage customers to spend on your products, admin can add some more credit to their account manually.
  • Store Credit Extension allows you to refund customers by credit instead of transferring money to their bank‘s account or force them to come your store. Moreover, with your store credit instead of money, they must use that credit on your store products. That means you don’t lose a customer.
  • In addition to being added credit by storeowners, customer can buy credit by cash. This can be a wonderful tool for storeowner to run promotion such as buy $150 credit by only $120. Also, by buying credit only one time, customers can use credit for many further purchases. This way is very convenient and time-saving for both customers and store owners.
  • After getting credit in your store, customer can use them on purchases, sharing with friends. By installing Magento Store Credit Extension, there will be more people engaging on your store, sales will increase, certainly.

Other features of Store Credit Extension

  • Easy to manage with backend management
  • Easy to customize with separated form and CSS
  • See subcategories
  • When clicking on category
  • Allow customers to receive credit via a wide range of ways (see in detail in admin configuration)
  • Allow admin to set configuration and manage customer credit information.
  • Support full HTML content
  • 100% open source

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