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Magento Quick View Extension by MageHit

As normal, when customers see a product on the online shop, they want to know details about product’s price, quality, materials, and functions,… To do it, customers must click on each product to view and if they want to purchase, they have to go back the product category page many times to select. This process is very time-wasting for customers to use and buy products on your site.

To solve this problem for your online website and customers, our Magento Website Development company has provided an smart extension as Magento Quick View which supports customers quickly and conveniently viewing and adding a product to cart without opening the product view page. Moreover, this Magento extension displays the necessary product information to customers in a light box once they click on Quick View icon. Now customers just click on any product to view its details. With the help of Magento Quick View extension your site can simplify catalog browsing process and let customers instantly view product details right on a category page. Especially, this module will not only save your customer time but also will bring them the best convenience.

Therefore, to increase your customer experience on your site, Magento Quick View Extension by MageHit is a perfect solution.

Some of the awesome features of Magento Quick View Extension

  • Product details preview on the category page
  • Allow to add products to cart right from the pop-up
  • Allow to submit reviews from the pop-up
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Allow you to enable/disable quick view extension through backend
  • Does not override any core classes or template file

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