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Magento gains around

Magento is the leading innovation of platform ecommerce market around the world. New Internet Retailer data showed that Magento is rapidly adding new-clients and get impressive market share.  Magento ranks the top players in each of 30 technology categories number of e-retailers in the Top 500 and Second 500 that they serve. It ranks No.1 about the number of Top 100 retail clients namely e-commerce platform (202 clients: 54 Top 500 retailers and 148 Second 500), content management (189 Top 1000: 50 Top 500, 139 Second 500), mobile commerce (189 Top 1000: 52 Top 500 and 137 Second 500) and order management (192 Top 1000: 54 Top 500 and 138 Second 500).

Magento bought ecommerce analytics platform RJ Metrics in response to our customer asking for more granular analytics. Advanced capabilities in the new one include marketing tools which have a lot of useful program. In 2015, Magento released Magento 2.0, a major update to its ecommerce platform. With the releasing the new updated, Magento provide its own customers with a simple and useful platform to use. Moreover, Magento also debuted a cloud-based ecommerce platform option for the first time.

In August, 2016 Magento launched a cloud-based Holiday Dashboard to which will be optimized for users of Magento’s e-commerce platform but also can be used by retailers on other platforms. It is created to help retailers know their customers better by identifying the source of their most valuable holiday customers such as online advertising, social medial, and direct email. Customers can make data-driven decision about marketing, inventory and other aspects of their business by using real-time customer data. It also can help the customers avoid the traps that online retailers easily fall into.

Magento community is making any effort to create many useful extension and program to help merchants to easily get success in their business.

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