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Magento Enterprise vs Demandware

Both Magento and Demandware are big name in e-commerce but they focus on different fields for online retailers. These 2 platforms have their own pros cons but they are always well established.

Now, we will discover some general differences between Magento Enterprise and Demandware.


You have to pay a licensing fee for both Magento Enterprise and Demandware but the fee for Demandware is a lot higher.


Magento Enterprise and Demandware offer 24/7 support but Magento Enterprise provides additional support packages besides standard services, therefore, Magento users can find many supports they need.


Demandware is cloud-hosted so all the task of hosting such as technology and services will be handled by the company. It is suitable for those who don’t want to work with server maintenance or software updates

Magento is self-hosted so you will have to setup and manage your own servers, update and maintain the technology. For Magento store owners, they can hire any ones for help if they don’t know how to work with Magento technology. And of course, with Magento, you have a lot more freedom and control on your online stores.

Key features

Demandware supports you some key features:

  • An integrated commerce platform
  • Buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere
  • In-store integration
  • Shopper intelligence and personalization
  • Multi-store

Magento Enterprise offers you some main features:

  • Dynamic marketing and merchandising
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Powerful performance and scalability
  • Extensive management tools
  • Mobile

In fact, it is really hard to say whether Magento Enterprise or Demandware is better. We think that you should base on your demands to choose a suitable one for your business.

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