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Magento Banner Slider Extension by MageHit

The first impression plays an important role in getting positive impacts from your customers. More details, if your customers look your site beautiful and easy-catching, immediately, they will search and find products on your site, after that, they will move to choosing and purchasing goods and services. As the result, you get a good profit and increase sale volumes significantly. On your website, you need many elements to create a good impression with customers such as image, content, products, layout, color and so on. Many people think that banner slider is not important and should not focus on it very much. It is wrong when said that

However, you do not know how to design a beautiful that you can attract customers in the first view. Don’t worry, we will support you by a new extension-Magento Banner Slider which shows a series of your images to grab customers’ attention at the very first moment they’re on your site.

Moreover, if you install this extension, we will help you to design the most eye-catching banner. With the highlight features below, your website is easier to gain customer’s satisfaction:

  1. Support 11 Different Banners

Allow you to select sliding effects as what you want to display on your site

  1. Fully Responsive

With sliding effects you selected, it will display on all devices

  1. Increase traffic and boost sales

Along with professional banner sliders, you can show customers images, advertising banner about your business strategies. After that, they can click to product page

  1. Display slider by product category

Allow you to select slider, which will be displayed on one or many more product categories

  1. Display banner slider on any positions on your website

Provide you a shortcode, which can insert and display banner slider on a position as what you want on your site

  1. Set up the displaying time and disable

Allow you to set up the displaying time as what you want. Banner slider will be displayed and disabled automatically

If you want to install our extension, you can see more details at

Get this extension on Magentoconnect:

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