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Magento Advanced Search Extension by MageHit

You are running a large business with a lot of different goods and services, but how can customers find easily and quickly what products they want as well as your store sell goods effectively? It is a common question that most of manager wants to solve.

Understanding storeowners’ mind, our Magento development community offered Magento Advanced Search Extension, which improves Magento search process and makes sure your customers can easily find the product they are looking for. This extension is a best solution for ecommerce business.

Now, with the support of this extension, customers can find products faster, they only need to type the key word in the search box and get instant search results. As the result, it brings both customers and storeowners a lot of benefits like not only help customers saving search time but also support your store increasing volume sales.

Some of the awesome features of Magento Advanced Search Extension

  • Flexible Ajax and autocomplete search function.

With the features of Ajax and Auto Complete, results will be displayed immediately after you type the key words

  • Search by category

Help you filter/limit category before searching. The result will be fast and accurate with the searching category

  • Search by product attributes

Allow you seeking products by the following attributes: name, short description, description, color, price,…

  • Expand the searching results

Allow Enable/Disable function searching and displaying the result of a category, a cms page

Therefore, this extension is a good choice for your site in improving customer’s satisfaction and increasing sales. We are always together with you to support as well as answer all your query. If you want to install Magento Advanced Search Extension, you can contact directly to us via

Get this extension on Magentoconnect:

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