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Magento 2 update: Layered Navigation 1.2 version

The latest Layered Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2 stores provides customers with two ways to filter products by attributes. They can update products with each attributes selection or select all attributes first as well as show the corresponding product set. Based on each the merchants’ preference, the behavior will be different and can be changed anytime from the module’s Configuration section in the backend. In this post, we will show you the features of the new released of Layered Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2.

Disable “Show X Items” Pop-over

When you set the new backend option ‘Disable “Show X Items” Pop-over’ to ‘Yes’, customers will get updated product sets with each attribute selection. This way, they can narrow down the search area step by step and track the process with their own eyes. Therefore, your customer can save much time thanks to ignore many unnecessary areas in the way finding their needed products.

But, the module provides merchants with a choice, so they can also set up another filter behavior, when customers need to choose all necessary product attributes first and then get the final product selection. This way, customers are getting rid of possibly distracting intermediate product updates.

Thus, Layered Navigation 1.2 provides store owners with the opportunity to take advantage of the most efficient way to filter products for their stores. It means the products in your store will be displayed in searching page selectively and reduce the amount of unnecessary products.

The new version of the Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 is a really effective solution for setting a good searching engine in your Magento 2 stores. Moreover, by saving time for searching, your customer can have ability to complete trading faster and satisfy with the service in your store. Thus, your store will be more professional. As a result, you will gain the loyalty from customers thanks to qualified service.

With outstanding advantages above, there is no reason to ignore the latest version 1.2 of Layered Navigation for your Magento 2 store.

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