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Magento 2 Tutorial – a key to success

Magento is one of the most common names in the e-commerce community. It is impossible for those who are working in e-commerce world not to recognize it. The good reputation of Magento started in 2008 when it was officially released. It has served many big brands in the world including Coca Cola, Ford, Fox Connect, Warby Parker, Olympus and so on. It can be seen that Magento achieved many success and it is predicted that Magento would keep on developing continuously.

To develop successfully like that, Magento always tries to change themselves to be better. After a long period of working hard, Magento 2 was successfully released in 2012. Magento 2 is another great generation of open-source e-commerce platform with a lot of advanced features which can erase the weakness of its predecessor. When comparing with other platforms, people can recognize that Magento 2 is much simpler, more convenient and responsive for everyone to use.


Another key to success of Magento 2 is that it provides a very perfect service for clients. With the goal to help clients work with Magento 2 effectively, a new page was designed. With the name “Magento 2 Tutorial ”, this page will bring clients useful information and instruction to work with Magento 2 properly. If clients are using Magento 2, it will be better if they visit page every day. The information that Magento 2 Tutorial provides will be very useful to build up a responsive e-commerce website.

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