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Magento 2: Shipping Methods Implementation

If you aim at mastering the implementation of shipping methods in Magento 2, we are here to help you!

Because the modules of Magento 2 are different from what you see in 1.X, it is necessary to point out the differences first. First and foremost, remember that code pools are backward. After that, shift your focus to the place you organize your code. Now, it is a vendor directory and a subdirectory for the module (in this case, it is Shipping). Remember that all your code is positioned in the /app/code directory.

Before implementing a shipping method in Magento 2, you should create an “etc” subdirectory, in which your module XML documents will be included. This step is extremely important, as the new subdirectory will perform the role of describing your module to Magento 2.

Magento 2 also provides more XML documents than the 1.X, which means that finding relevant information on shipping methods would be much easier.

Megento 2-Shipping-Methods-Implementation-1

1. Magento 2 Shipping Methods: Sample Modules

1.1 Sample Module Shipping Provider

It demonstrates Magento 2 features linked to shipping. The extension adds a transport carrier, an “In-Store Pickup” transport carrier, and several pickup locations. CarrierInterface is implemented due to a carrier class representing a transport carrier.

At a minimum, each transport carrier must have one shipping method, which should have price, carrier code & title, and method code & title. The module is customizable via the admin panel.


Download Sample Module Shipping Provider

1.2 Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method

It is designed to assist you in creating custom shipping methods. If you want to use it on your Magento 2 project, copy the SR folder to app/code/ and run the following command:

After that, clear Magento 2 cache.


Download Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method

1.3 Magento 2 Custom Shipping

This module has the same purpose as the choice mentioned earlier. As Magento2 Custom Shipping is a sample module, it only serves educational purposes.

Download Magento2 Custom Shipping

2. Examples of Payment Methods Implementation in Magento 2

  • Magento Shipping. This module offers interfaces abstract models for integration with every transport carrier. Besides, the Shipment entity web interface is also included. Whenever you add a new transport carrier, please remember to extend the abstractions.
  • Magento Offline-Shipping. This module allows you to implement shipping methods without directly interacting with transport carriers. Such methods are called offline shipping methods and include Flat Rate, Store Pickup, Free Shipping and Table Rates.
  • Magento Multi-Shipping. This module assists the customer in shipping to many addresses via different carriers.

In conclusion, the implementation of shipping methods in Magento 2 is not only user-friendly but also useful in offering greater opportunities. Should you have any questions, leave them at the comments and we will reply as soon as possible!

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