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To have a successful online store, any merchants understands that they have to use or run ecommerce website. However, running the ecommerce seemed to be a big challenge for mostly of owner stores with a vast of ecommerce platform in the ecommerce market. But as a smart merchant, you don’t have to worry about this problem. Magento has been out here as a one of the leading platform for ecommerce business. Now, it is more powerful and remains its top position with the release of Magento 2. The releasing of Magento 2 is the hardworking of all Magento development community having the desire that bring the best features to help our merchants and brand improve their ecommerce business.

In this below part, we will introduce you some awesome features of Magento 2:

  1. Better, faster and stronger user experience

Understanding the feeling of customers when they purchase online products, we make sure that our new features of Magento 2 will give your customers enjoyable moments and hassle free experience from begin to end. Moreover, with Full Page Cache component your customer will save time when loading of pages, enhancing your customers shopping experience.

  1. Improved store capability.

Magento 2 enable merchants and brands to show in the business site as many products as they want. As the result, the customers prefer the site which has variety of products and will come back your site more. With 4 times faster adding new products will help you save time. Furthermore, merchants also can upload videos about their products. It is important key to appealing your customers with the videos of products. Try to use these new features that will give more benefits for your business.

  1. New and improved checkout and payment options.

Checkout and payment processes are always under the consideration of customers. The simple, easy and secure processes will be attracted by customers. Magento 2 provides merchants and customers both features. Some of the outstanding features of payment option include one click payment, shipping to addresses that differ from billing address and convenient guest checkout. Merchants also set up a Bill Me Later program in order to give customers finance their purchase. Shopping card is also a surprise because of including all shipping fee and tax information from the initial.

  1. The add-ons

Customizing emails to the customers based on their online activities is one of the best options. Those emails are the hint for getting customers back to you store to purchase products. Another add-on is the save and share. Customers enable to easily click and share your products on their favorite social medial site. This is one of the best and free marketing for your products because it cost no money. The merchants also can expand their business into international market with the language upgrades.

  1. Improved administrative tools

New admin panel allow merchants to improve efficiency, leave your time on revenue generating activities. New dashboard with new items such as bestselling product, average sales and best customers is easier to monitor and view key details about the current business.

  1. Powerful analytics

Analytics are now improved and powerful that will help owner stores dive into their business’s number and know their strengths and weaknesses. The merchants enable to look at individuals customers’ behavior which will help the merchants gain targeting efforts. There is a customized reports on holidays will help the merchants turn holiday customers into regular customers.

The releasing of Magento 2 will fit your business goal with any advantages. No matter what type of product you sell, counting on Magento ecommerce platform is factor of you achievement.



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