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Magento 2 Magento Store Locator extension by MageHit

Most of you probably have used Google Maps or heard about this Google app. And you must be able to see its utility in finding the way as well as looking for destination. Store Locator Magento 2 works as same as Google Maps. It is the development of Google Maps and GPS that allows your clients to search your Magento stores for purchases. This extension will display the directions to your Magento 2 stores near the customer’s location on the map, allowing customers to select the nearest store and route them to the store they have selected. In addition to finding your Magento 2 stores, customers can also see maps of the surrounding areas. Store Locator extension is the best way for your customers to find your store in the fastest way.


Let’s see the awesome features of Store Locator for Magento 2:

  • Allow using products and location to search store
    Your customers can enter the existing products in your store or the location to find the nearest store.
  • Support Google Maps suggestion
    When entering a few character or numbers to searching box, the system will display a list of relevant suggestions to the drop-down list.
  • Bulk Import Store Location
    Store Locator extension helps you to import hundreds, even thousands of locations at once using CSV file.
  • Contact the store owner through popup ajax form
    To make sure customers choose that store. Customers need more information about the store. They can contact the store owner easily through forms available

The other features of this extension:

  • Automatically calculate longitude and latitude from the store address when adding a new store via backend
  • Allows you to upload thumbnail per store
  • Displays all stores available in the site when customers have not entered a address
  • Store’s details: opening hours, working days, address, phone, email, website url, etc
  • Google Street view 360
  • Get the Most Convenient Direction
  • Mouse hover event on location highlights the location on the map
  • Use responsive slider to display list of all stores, which will be found
  • Customize the identified suffix of the link
  • Allow selecting to display the top link or not
  • Select the email template for contact to stores
  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • Easy to customize front-end via HTML/CSS
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Multiple stores and multiple languages supported
  • 100% open-source

If you still dissatisfy with the information above about Store Locator extension, let’s check it more at

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