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Magento 2 Magento Reward Points extension by MageHit

If you are still thinking about how to drive your online sales or attract more new customers to your store or how to keep your customers coming back your Magento 2 store for more purchase, Reward Points extension will help you. This is really a useful tool for you to encourage shopping and boost sales by giving points to your customers through the actions they take on your online store. There are many ways for customers to earn points, not just shopping. In general, this extension is really useful for all Magento stores.


Let’s see the adorable features you can get from Reward Points extension for Magento 2:

  • Flexible ways for customers to receive points
    Customers can get points easily through buying and some certain actions on the site (e.g. review, like and share on Facebook, sign up for newsletter, invite friends, friend purchase, etc.
  • Easily make rules for customers to earn points
    Catalog Earning Rules, Shopping Cart Rules, Customer Behavior Rule will help the site owner to make good rules of receiving points as they want.
  • Increase credibility for products of the site
    Features earn points when customers leave a review for each product will help that product a lot more credible in the eyes of buyers.
  • Attract more new customers
    Encourage customers by giving points when inviting friends, share products on facebook(Facebook), register as a member.

They are above the outstanding features of Reward Points extension for Magento 2, there are more and more awesome things for you. Let’s check out at

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