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Magento 2 is the best choice for mCommerce

It is undeniable that mCommerce is achieving enormous popularity these days. As stated in Statista, there have now more than 2,3 billion smartphone users in the world. People are becoming addicted to this device.

Due to the increasing demands for internet surfing through mobile devices, the mobile commerce industry has attracted many companies to invest. For building an eCommerce store, there are multiple platforms available such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Joomla, etc., However, for eCommerce website development, Magento 2 is most preferred among all by e-commerce businesses for a variety of reasons.


Surprising facts about Magento 2:

  • Magento 2 is now being used by more than 125,000 businesses, including some of the world’s leading brands such as Samsung, Ford, Olympus, etc.
  • Top 500 retailers witnessed 42% of their mobile revenue comes from retail apps
  • 53,9% of all retail e-commerce is estimated to be generated via mCommerce in 2021, as stated in Statista
  • Stats say about more than 100,000 stores chose Magento 2 and the figure is continuing to increase. There are more than 5000 downloads of the platform every day.

Some outstanding features of Magento 2:

Easy-to-use M2-admin panel

An indispensable factor of a great admin panel can be user-friendliness. Often, nobody likes to work with things which are too complicated to get accustomed. With Magento 2, admin can manage the website effortlessly because it has an enhanced admin panel.

Increase your sales volume

Nowadays, mobile phones are dominant in generating sales for the businesses. Research has shown that clients prefer 51% to make their purchase from an online retailer who fully optimized their mobile-friendliness. Instead of opening their PC and looking for your store online, people nowadays turn their mobile phone first for help.

Therefore, an efficient way to help your store gain more traffic at the point of sale is updating your website for different mobiles so that customers can have satisfying purchase experience with no interrupted browsing. Magento 2 will do it best in supporting you to build a mobile app which can increase more conversations and boost your sales to the maximum.

Turn your mobile into an excellent managing device

With all the remarkable functions of Magento 2, you can run your business effectively. It contains pretty much every feature you are expecting when you are planning to start an online venture namely:

  • Help to manage catalog
  • Include SEO functionality
  • Include marketing/promotions tools
  • Help to manage orders
  • Support you in conducting your site efficiently

So, when you build your website with Magento 2, just with a mobile phone, you can handle all your Magento website and its functionalities.

Get prioritized by Google

In April 2015, Google announced that when a search result is shown, search engine will give priority to websites which are mobile-friendly. This also means that the ranking of those websites which are difficult to use on mobile will be lowered.

With Magento 2, there will be no more worries about creating a different version of your website for mobile devices. Magento 2 helps you build a website which is responsive to any device. If in the past, you had to create different versions of your website for different devices, now with the support of Magento 2, you can easily approach both eCommerce & mCommerce at the same time.

Simple Checkout process

This step is considered to be quite essential in an eCommerce mobile app. Sometimes, the complicated checkout process can be the reason that makes your website less attractive to your clients. If this process happens through desktops, it will be very prolonged and time-consuming. Magento 2 will help you to solve this problem as this platform provides an easy and protected checkout for your e-commerce website. Once your clients can purchase their demanded products just in a short span of time, definitely you will gain more traffic in your online store.

Cutting-edge and Reliable Caching Ability

Caching is a decisive factor in measuring the reliability of a website, especially mobile sites due to unpredictable mobile connectivity. Not only possesses strong caching capabilities, but Magento also includes Vanish Full Cache to make easy configuration and assist developers in improving website performance regardless of connectivity problems. 

Amazing Promotion Features

Numerous of awesome features are encompassed in Magento 2 such as:

  • Optimized Product Category Pages
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Creating Wishlist
  • Sharing an Email
  • Drag and Drop Functionality

and other more features which help you to level up your Magento Store. With Magento 2, your website visibility will also be improved much better.

Friendly to users:

Often, users don’t like to work with complicated stuff which messes up their brain. With Magento 2, everything will be friendly and easy to get accustomed for the users. Users will never come back to your store for next purchases if they find it difficult to navigate through your mobile store. This means you lost your customer to your competitors.

Everything gets simple with Magento 2. Besides its own default themes, Magento 2 also allows users to install third-party themes or develop new themes as per their imagination. The structure is so clear and well-organized that your customers can search the products, add it to cart and do the checkout without difficulties

In conclusion, one of the integral parts in developing your e-commerce business is concentrating on mCommerce. And without doubt, for all the features it has surpassed Magento 1, Magento 2 deserves to be an optimal choice for online businesses. With user-friendliness, advanced scalability, flexible and productive usability as well as many other features mentioned above, Magento 2 can be a powerful tool helping you generate more sales and take your business to maximum potentials.

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