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Magento 2 Call for Price by MageHit – develop your business efficiently


Call for Price is one of the most outstanding extensions in Magento 2 Store. It was created by MageHit to be a supportive tool for store owners to develop their business. To be more specific, it will help to replace prices to motivate customers to contact with online stores more frequently. To help store owners understand more about how this extension work, we would like to introduce readers some information below. Hopefully, this information will be useful for those who are looking for an efficient extension to develop their e-commercial store.

Magento 2 Call for Price by MageHit - develop your business efficiently

I.  The major features of Magento 2 Call for Price by MageHit

  1. Use “Call for Price” button instead of “Add to cart”

The price and “Add to cart” buttons on Category, Search, Wishlist, Compare and Product Pages will be replaced with “Call for Price” buttons easily under admins’control.

  1. Offer a very responsive AJAX form

An AJAX form in MageHit Call For Price will be displayed for “Call for Price” button. Through this form, customers can let admins know their requirement as well as send their contact information to admins.


  1. Send email notification for admins

After customers submit the AJAX form, an email will be sent for admins. This email notification will help to remind them of answering customers’ requirement.

  1. Choose to apply “Call for Price ” for specific groups

This means admin can choose to hide price of a specific group of products and categories which they think that necessary.

  1. Avoid spam email

Thanks to Google reCaptcha in the submit form, the number of spam emails will be reduced significantly.

II. Other noticeable points of Magento 2 Call for Price by MageHit

  1. Offer support for Wishlist sidebar, Wishlist page and Compare page
  2. Allow to show “Call for Price” on Specific Date Range
  3. Work perfectly on Chrome, IE 7, 8+, Safari, Firefox
  4. Offer a very easy process of installing and upgrading
  5. Offer very friendly and flexibly configuration
  6. Etc


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