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Install Elasticsearch for Magento 2

Elasticsearch is an effective tool allowing you to search your catalog. Installing this tool for your Magento will brings you multiple benefits. If you don’t know how to configure Elasticsearch, let’s take a look at our tutorial below.

Let’s start:

Step 1: Login to Magento server as a user by using root privileges

Step 2:

For CentOS:

  • Insert the following commands in the order shown:
  • Add following lines:
  • Fill in following commands:

Step 3: Open Elasticsearch configuration elasticsearch.yml file in the text editor.

Step 4: In the Memory section, add parameter below:

Step 5: Save change for elasticsearch.yml then quit the text editor.

Step 6: Start Elasticsearch:
Service elasticsearch start

Step 7: Adding following commands on which Elasticsearch is running to verify that it is working:

If it displays a line as below, your Elasticsearch is running:

That’s all steps you need to know for installing Elasticsearch for Magento 2. If you get stuck at any step, contact us for the help. Thanks for reading!

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