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Increase your Magento site’s conversion rate

Do you know what is important in your ecommerce site? In my opinion, the conversion rate is one of the most important factors of every ecommerce sites. To increase your conversion rate of your site, in this post, we will share with you some following useful tips:

  1. Provide many options to contact you

It is necessary to provide your phone number, address and some your company information. Thus, it is the best way to increase your conversion rate

  1. Keep things simple

Avoid the length of contents, many call-to-action buttons and ad links as well as make things on your site simple are very important to gain the high conversion rate

  1. Make your logo highlight

Put your logo on the highlight position on the website is a smart action which your customer will notice to your products and services

  1. Improve check-out process

The check-out process is the last step of ordering your products. Thus, it is more and more simple for customers, your store will gain more high conversion rate

  1. Check your site’s functionality

Always check that your site has functionality or not. This will make your customers more satisfied

These tips above help you to increase your conversion rate on your site. To make more effectiveness, you can refer other tips in my blog.

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