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Improve Magento site performance

Is your site being slow? Your customers feel unhappy and stop ordering products on your store. How to improve your site speed and Magento site performance is a common question storeowners always consider.

Therefore, in this post, i will suggest some ways to support you improving Magento site performance:

  1. Enable Magento caching

Enable all the available caches in the Magento Admin Panel.

  1. Compress images

Many people forget that images (PNG, JPG) can be compressed, which lowers the bandwidth between the browser and the web server

  1. Disable unneeded Magento modules

By disabling Magento modules that you do not need, less resources are needed – as simple as that. Modules could be disabled through the configuration in the Magento Admin Panel

  1. Enable flat catalogs for smaller webshops

For smaller webshops switching from the complex EAV-structure to a flat catalog could save time. This optimization is dubious and depends on many parameters, so do not take this step lightly.

  1. Configure PHP options

Most PHP settings actually do not influence the performance of Magento, but just set certain limits. For instance, settings like memory_limit and max_execution_time do not increase the page load but just make sure that certain actions do not timeout or run into memory problems.

  1. Beware 404 errors

Every time a file (like a style sheet or image) is not found, this generates a 404 error. Because the default 404 of Magento is caught by the application of Magento itself, this causes the Magento application to start for every 404 encountered. Check your Apache logs to make sure all 404 errors are solved.

  1. Disable local Magento modules

If your site does not need local Magento modules, you could choose to skip the search for local modules all together. Within the app/etc/local.xml file, you will find an XML-tag allowing you to do so.

In conclusion, there are still many different ways to increase your Magento site performance. If you care to our Magento extensions, you can see more at

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