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How to quickly import products in Magento?

Manually import a large number of products to your store is not a smart choice. This will take too much time and effort, in particular. you have a big store with hundreds or even thousands of products. This post today will show you the way to quickly import your products to Magento installation.

The steps to import products in Magento

Step 1: Create product categories

  • Go to Magento Admin backend > Catalog > Categories
  • Insert all needed information in New Category form to create a product category for your store. you can create as many as you want
  • Tap Save Category

*Note: You should note down the category IDs as you will need them later

Step 2: Add attribute for products (Optional)

  • Go to Magento Administrator > Stores > Products
  • Add more attributes for your products

Step 3: Add a product to Magento installation manually

  • You need to add a product to Magento installation and this one will be exported later then used as a template to import the other products. All the attributes will be used for products should be included before you import in the sample product.

Step 4: Make sample export for template

  • Go to Magento Administrator > System > Data transfer > Export
  • After redirected to a new page, in Entity Type dropdown, choose Products
  • In Export File Format, choose CSV
  • Select the unnecessary attributes then tap Continue. Then a file will be saved on your device with a name similar to csv.
  • Open this file then add the products you want to import with corresponding attributes in the correct columns.
  • Add the category IDs you noted down for added products correctly

Step 5:

  • Back to Magento Administrator > System > Data Transfer > Import
  • In Entity Type dropdown, choose Products
  • In Entity dropdown, choose Products
  • In Import Behaviour dropdown, choose Add/Update
  • Click Browse button to upload CSV file

Step 6: Add image

  • You will need to ad image for your product at Images File Directory

Step 7: Import products

  • Tap Check Data > Import

After that, you will receive an Import successfully done message


With this way, you can import a larger number of products to your store with a little time and effort. Hope you guy successful. If you have any problem, contact us for the help.

Thanks for reading!

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