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How To Enhance Magento Application Development With Magento Extensions

As you know, one of the fastest growing segments in IT is definitely the rapid growth of ecommerce. Especially, Magento application development has been chose increasingly not only to create an active online presence but also conduct selling and buying online.

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Magento is an extremely robust and a scalable platform, however, what also enhances its viability is the added advantage of using extensions. As known for numerous extensions that help Magento web developers to automate many online processes, these extensions are ideal for improvising the overall performance of the online store. Some of the most popular extensions that Magento web developers can use to enhance the performance of ecommerce stores include:

1. Since Magento application development does not offer WYSIWYG Editor by default, an extension that Magento web developers can use is Fontis WYSIWYG. This extension helps Magento web developers to incorporate a Javascript editor to several of the admin pages. This particular extension will definitely help those store owners who are still using the old version of Magento.

Enhance-Magento-Application-Development-With-Magento-Extensions (2)2. Another effective extension that will help increase the performance of the online store is One Step Checkout. This particular extension is truly a benefit for customers coming to a specific ecommerce website. Particularly, this extension simplifies the process and generates more convenience for customers to pay for their purchase. Magento web developers often advise their clients to get this extension because it can help them boost up their sale revenues.

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3. As you know, Google Maps has helped millions to get directions for any location. Magento application development also involves Google Maps Store Locator as an extension, which is definitely a strengthen for ecommerce stores that have many different stores at various locations. The store owner needs to simply enter the longitude and latitude of Google Map to store the preferred store locations.

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These are just some of the most popular extensions that Magento web developers can use to enhance the performance of their customer’s ecommerce store. Besides, a host of other Magento application development extensions is also available and depends on particular preferences. Thus, Magento web developers can easily integrate them into the ecommerce store. It is undoubted that Magento application development extensions offer immense benefits not only to the store owners but also to the Magento web developers.

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