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How to create a Magento mobile application in 30 minutes

Nowadays, the technology is more and more developed that brings everyone many benefits. Appling this technology in the daily life will help people to improve their life better. It is similar to the goods and services market where technology can be used widely. Thus, anyone also wants to create mobile application to sell easily and approach to the target customer.

In this post, we will recommend to you a way to create a Magento mobile application in 30 minutes:

  1. Find Simicart

SimiCart is a complete set of mobile E-commerce solutions that will help you turn your Magento store into an iOs or Android app in mobile devices in the fastest and most effective ways. Thus, if you want to create a Magento mobile app, you definitely should find SimiCart.

  1. Four steps to create Magento Mobile application
  • Input data: Provide SimiCart with basic descriptive information, such as name, logo, icon, theme color, etc. so that SimiCart can help you configure your app.
  • Connector installation: After purchasing, here you will see Connector and all the plugins you want with their user guide. Read carefully and follow those guides to finish installation steps.
  • App creation: At this step, you will begin building your application, as you want. At first, you can create a test app and try using it on your phone.  Then, if you feel any dissatisfaction, back to connector installation step to 2 to re-build your app. If it satisfies you already, move to the final step.
  • Publish: This step is when you put your app on Google Play or Apple Store. Here, there are 2 choices for you. You can have SimiCart published it for you with $50 or you can publish your app by yourself. It takes about 2 days for Google Play and 10 days for Apple Store to approve a mobile app. Once the approval process is complete, your customers can download your mobile app.

In conclusion, I hope that these steps above are useful to you. If you have any question, you can contact us via

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