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Develop an online fashion store to its full potential with Magento 2

In any E-commerce site, the most important target is generating sales, thus making the profit. In case your online store performance is not good enough to lure a large number of visitors, the best solution is you need to be proactive. This means you have to set out a strategy basing on your store’s current set-up, targeted audience, future orientation and so on. However, don’t worry that it would be a difficult task. To understand why, keep reading to find out the reason.

Introduction to Magento 2

These days, Magento 2 is considered one of the most preferred E-commerce platforms in the world. According to statistics, this platform adds up to 26% share of the market which means many sites are running it for their online stores. Among many E-commerce platforms being used today, Magento 2 is recognized as the latest incarnation.

If you want to develop your online business, using Magento 2 is definitely a smart choice. This platform offers updated tools as well as more scope for the store growth. Here are some famous brands which have trusted in Magento 2 for growing their online fashion stores:

  • Land Rover clothing
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Australian brand Venroy
  • USA based lingerie boutique, Sol
  • America based St.John brand

Why did these sites choose Magento 2 for their businesses? It is simply because of the numerous advantages this platform offers including:

  • Easy-to-use top menu
  • Well-designed homepage banner with engaged category listing and image slider for quick searching
  • Featured products block is highlighted on the homepage
  • Bring the online store an impressive and professional outlook. There are more than 42 Magento modules for the admin to choose including 17 ready-to-use and other additional extensions.
  • Offer Zoom function on product pages so that clients can have a closer look at the products and easily switch to the homepage using flag buttons
  • Enable users to see swatches which helps them configure and directly add the product to the shopping cart in the quick view window
  • Easy to add content for extended product description, instructions and tips for use, customer feedbacks, high-quality video, shipping information, contact information, and a lot more.

Tips for enhancing the performance of your online store

Be Mobile-friendly

One of the most significant features of Magento-2 is its mobile-friendliness. It is obvious that the number of people using smartphones and tablets for online shopping today is rising at an incredible rate. So, if you want to generate more sales for your online store, you are advised to take advantages of this trend.

To enhance the mobile accessibility, the most basic way is making your site responsive. When the content can automatically adjust to fit the size of the viewing screen, the mobile users can navigate easier. Also, optimizing photos and videos for mobile users is exactly what a store needs to do if they want to ensure a satisfying purchase experience for their clients. 

Include Customers’ Feedbacks

Most customers like to read the reviews of a store or the products before making their buying decisions. So, it is essential for any online stores, especially newly opened one to provide new visitors with the reviews of previous buyers.

Among many Magento development companies, MageHit is a reliable one which provides review apps and plugins for your site. With these apps and plugins, your customers can easily give valuable feedbacks and help new shoppers to gain more confidence in parting with their cash.

Secure Customer’s information

When it comes to the friction of online shopping, most shoppers view security as their major concern. According to research, nearly 90% of Brits are worried about leaking personal information when purchasing online. Thus, ensuring the information safety for your customers is a good way to raise customer confidence and take them out of their fears.

One of the simplest ways to better the digital defenses of your sites is investing in an SSL certificate. MageHit can arrange this certificate for you very quickly and easily.

You can also install a payment gateway for better security. In Magento 2, there are plugins that offer tokenization that helps save customer details. Your customers then are able to log in your site to manage their credit cards and your store can also issue refunds and invoices easier.

Another measure to reduce the risk of information leak is displaying your store official logos on your website and checkout page. Even you are using a secure payment gateway, having an SSL certificate, make sure to show the logos on their site to make your store appear trustworthy to visitors.

Use one-step checkout

In fact, customers prefer to shop at the stores which offer easy and quick payment process. If your store is providing a lengthy and complicated checkout, don’t hesitate to let us help you. By using one-step checkout extension by MageHit, your store’s performance will be improved much better. Customer will no longer have to click through a lot of detailed pages, so there is higher likeliness that they’ll see their purchase through to its conclusion. With check-out extension by MageHit, all the information you need will be collected quickly before your customers click out.

Enhancing the quality of your copy

If you want your hard work to pay off, don’t just focus on the usability of your site, it is necessary to get more people to your site in the first place.

An effective way to get a high rank on Google results and improve your SEO is enhancing the quality of your copy. If you want to optimize the search engines, it is better to use headers, hyperlinks and titles tags where appropriate. 

Make searching process easier and faster

Most customers prefer a quick and simple searching which can saves them a lot of time and unnecessary effort. In Magento 2, you can optimize the searching process to the maximum and help customers to find the products in the easiest way. With a number of plugins included in this platform, internal websites searches are simplified.

Provide professional and high-quality photos

Product photos are extremely important in creating the impression for your customers when purchasing. So, make sure that product photos are of high quality and look professional. Also, product listings are considered ideal when they feature photos from various angles so clients can easily figure out if the products suit them.

Using social media to promote your site

A great way to gain more traffic in your sale is making use of social media. By creating social media profiles for your brand, you can approach to a wider range of consumers and get more people to share your site’s contents.

So, above are some tips for growing a business site that are recommended by many successful brands. If you want to generate more sales for your fashion store and take the shopping experience of your customers to a new level, let try Magento 2 and see how powerfully it helps.

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