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Amazon offers Gift Card up to $200 to Magento merchants to accept Amazon Pay

Recently, Magento sent out a promotion to Magento merchants offering Amazon Gift Card up to $200 when the online merchant adds Amazon Pay to their store.

To get these Gift Cards, you need to meet the requirements. First, you must install and launch Amazon Pay on your Magento website then complete required transaction volumes before 11:59 PST on September 30, 2017. There are different levels for receiving Gift Card

  1. $1.500 in transactions to get a $50 Amazon Gift Card
  2. $5.000 in transactions to get $100 Amazon Gift Card
  3. $10.000 in transactions to get $200 Gift Card

When applying Amazon Pay for your Magento website, Amazon customers can checkout on your site using the information in their Amazon accounts. This can save the time of Amazon customers who want to register to your site. In short, you will get multiple benefits from launching Amazon Pay for your site like increasing conversion, improving mobile checkout, etc.

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