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Acquia, Magento Commerce Forge Partnership to Unify Content and Commerce

Magento has announced a partnership with Acquia (the leading provider of cloud-based, digital experience management solutions). This integration will allow merchants to manage the customer journey and give out highly personalized, content-rich experiences across every touchpoint.

Shopping online has become increasingly complex, creating a proliferation of shopping and fulfillment touchpoint, use cases and channel must be under control. Through this partnership, merchants and brands name will gain unbelievable benefits such as content management from Acquia and personalization from Magento.

Tom Erickson, Acquia CEO believed that the combination between Acquia and Magento is the best attributes of open source development about agility, speed, innovation and security. Also this integration allows merchants and brands control every pixel of the experience via customer journey.

Moreover, this partnership enables merchants to create and carry out highly personalized channel shopping experience with the scale.

Key capabilities the partnership will enable for B2B and B2C merchants include:

Personalization at Scale: This partnership will help in offering context based real time experience to customer regardless device and channel

Speed to Market: It is now easy to deploy and manage the content-rich  commerce experience

Empowered Marketers: It allows marketing team work with merchants closely and offers in detail content-rich digital experience

Flexible Integration: This partnership also gives a vast of flexibility to ecommerce sties to meet any market need.

“At the heart of this partnership is a shared open-source heritage and vision for delivering on next-generation commerce and customer experiences that is unprecedented for the industry .The combined power of our respective technologies and our thriving global ecosystems will allow our customers to drive unbridled innovation, engage consumers like never before, and pave the way for the commerce experiences of tomorrow,” said Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce.

To unite content, commerce and context across the customer journey, Magento and Acquia will integrate the Drupal web content management system and Acquia Lift solutions for personalization with Magento’s commerce and order management products.

The partnership will bring merchants and brands opportunities to manage and develop their business easily.

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