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7 Magento extensions helping start your Omnichannel retailing

Omnichannel retailing becomes similar to all online business as it is now the customer demand for a business. In this post, we suggest you 7 kinds of extensions helping running an Omnichannel business on Magento effectively.

1. Point of Sale

The Point sale extension consists of a cash dispenser, barcode scanner, invoice printer, and a monitor. POS is the basic software primarily for any business of any size as it eliminates errors and inefficiencies generated by placing orders by hand or by taking stock.

2. Inventory Management

Inventory Management extensions help sellers update stock in mass, oversight supplier portfolios, take physical stock and get a low-stock alert as well as manage the multiple warehouses. Therefore, you can avoid the difference in price on different channels.

3. Barcode Management

Barcode Management extensions allow store owners to manage inventory and checkout faster and easier. Thanks to the features offered by these extensions, configuring templates, generating barcodes, scanning barcodes, and printing barcodes for tracking will become an easy task.

4. Purchase Management

The Purchase Management extensions save the information related to the supplier such as contact details, supplier codes, and products assigned to a neat list. Thus, you can easily find the stock later with just some clicks. In addition, converting these quotations into purchase orders to track, manage options and payment methods become easier.

5. Inventory & Sales Report

Manage inventory and sales at the end of a day is quite important because it reflects how your business was operated to help you know how to run your business suitably. Therefore, the inventory and sales extensions are dispensable for all Magento store. They will collect data then create the reports about sales for you. After that, the extensions will synch and update data in real time, which allows store owners to access to many of custom reports about all aspects such as inventory, order, shipping, customers, and payment.

6. Store Pickup

Store pickup takes advantages for both customers and merchants as it allows customers to choose their preferred location while merchants can list the potential buyers agreeing with their pickup hubs. With Store pickup extensions, customers have full of payment options for each store, and at least 5 options to choose. Moreover, store owners can synch these extensions with Inventory Management to control the quantity of product at each location.

7. Customer Loyalty Program

Loyal customers are those who ensure the stable profits in your store so you need the extensions which help you run the programs encouraging your customers to purchase at your site and come back for next order. Additionally, the loyal customers can also help promote your brand thanks to their experience or even gain more buyers for your store. Some of the best extensions to run Customer Loyalty programs are Reward Points, Store credit, and Gift Card.

In fact, running an Omnichannel business is not a difficult task. You can base on your business goal, size, and plan to install the suitable extensions for your store. For those who start with Omnichannel business, you should build your business from the fast, simple and reliable point of sale system.

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