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4 things to consider before integrating Magento with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is the software packages that allow merchants to better manage their business’s daily activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, etc. ERP can collect, manage, store and interpret data from all these activities.


A common ERP software that merchants use today is Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Without the doubt, there are numerous great benefits that this software can offer, including enhanced business’s efficiency with error-free transactions and production, improved logistics and purchasing processes thanks to workflow automation, which better customer experience. However, those offerings of ERP are only maximized if you choose the right integrator and have the right reasons. Below are 4 things you need to bear in mind before opting for the software.

  1. No need to follow trends
    An ERP software that works for a lot of online stores doesn’t mean it works for your online store. It’s more important to choose what fits your store’s need than just simply follow the trends. Find answers to these questions before making your choice:

    • Whether the software can help to cut the operational costs?
    • Will it improve customer retention?
    • How about its scalability?
  1. You shouldn’t integrate all of your data
    Before you integrate your data, always bear in mind a few questions:

    • What are the primary data sources and who “owns” the stored data?
    • What needs to go into the ERP versus into Magento?

    When Dynamics is incorporated into your Magento website, it will allow a two-way data stream. For data related to shipments, inventory, orders, and product information, make sure that you understand clearly how it is currently organized to determine what should be put into Magento versus Dynamics, or else, it will trigger an increase in cost and a higher risk of mistakes.

  1. Be prepared for big days
    Don’t depend solely on your Magento and ERP software because there might be times when they don’t function at their best. Big days such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas are the times that you can take advantages to grow sales significantly. So, be a careful preparer. Some companies prepare for months before the shopping season kicks in so that they will have time to detect any possible issues before it gets a chance to occur. The suggested time for launching a discount project is between New Year’s and the end of March, which can reduce your costs.
  1. Don’t trust words easily
    When you’re searching for a right ERP software, many companies will promise you something like “It’s free” or “It can be done in days”. If that, you must know this. Sometimes you may need a third-party tool to keep the web’s front-office functions separate and also, an additional layer of security. This process definitely can’t be completed for days, and for free. So never trust those promises.Also, if you hire the developers, make sure that they do have enough expertise to develop a custom solution for you.

Above are must-consider things for any merchant before opting for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Again, you must put your store’s needs first whenever you choose any software to integrate, or else, it may not be “ideal” and bring such benefits as you wish.

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