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3 things you need to know about customer loyalty

Loyal customers are what ensure your stable sales. They are those who trust your products as well as satisfy with service in your store. However, it is really difficult to gain customer loyalty. And there are something you need to know about it.

  1. About 70% of buyers never come back for a second purchase

This is a scary but also an opportunity for Magento merchants to use data to gain a competitive advantage. If they can learn what customers want, what are customer demands, they can keep the customer come back their store for next purchase.

  1. Nearly 80% of customer say they retract their loyalty faster

According to a research, almost customers retract their loyalty faster than trusting a seller. Now, they only trust in product experience, data security, and store service. Therefore, store owner have to improve the products as well as the service as much as possible to keep customer loyalty.

  1. 81% of customer conduct online research before buying

In the decade of Internet, customers can find everything, from your brand, your store, your products or even, your truth. And of course, they also research information about your competitors then compare you with them. So your job is trying to gain the most competitive edge for your store.

These are 3 interesting things about customer loyalty. Hope that store owners can catch them to gain more loyal customers.

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