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$101 billion products were sold out in Magento platform

To summary the result of 2016, recently, Magento commerce, the leading in the worldwide ecommerce market, has released IDC research. This research estimated that about 51 million shoppers purchased $101 billion in merchandise from the merchants on Magento platform. This is the milestone for the merchants, system integrators and technology partners who strengthen the broad Magento.

Mark Lavelle, CEO at Magento believed that the demanding for ecommerce of a company is the growth strategies across every industry, driving investment, creating job and new market. He added the report also affirm the leader position of Magento in Ecommerce platform market around the world.

Let’s check out some highlights from this report

  • Global transaction volume: Merchants and brands using Magento platform sold approximately $101 billion products in 2016 to nearly 51 million shoppers.
  • Broad economy: The Magento platform has variety of market thus merchants can sell a huge number of merchandises.
  • Worldwide job: More than 280,000 Magento jobs such as Developers, merchants and partners.
  • Outpacing digital commerce: In 2016, $4.2 billion in revenue was generated and is expected to $14.2 billion in by 2020. The partners benefit from every dollar software sold.

Magento Commerce Forecast Reveals Accelerating Demand for Digital Innovation

  • Digital: from checkbox to maturity: By the end of 2017, 60% of omnichannel retailers expect to make their inventory visible online, 57% will have a cross-channel return program and 46% will enable ship-to-store.
  • Heavy investment in mobile: Three-quarters of Magento merchants expect mobile transactions to total more than 20% of their total online revenues, while two-thirds expect mobile revenues to exceed 40% this year.
  • Focus on differentiated experiences: Only 25% of merchants cited competition from Amazon as a primary obstacle, compared to 40% who indicated differentiation from other independent brands as the largest challenge they anticipate for 2017.

This report was released as a proof that to prove the broad of Magento ecommerce platform and power the leading position.

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